The Tension Desk Affords Tots a Soft Surface for Food and Fun

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
The innocuous nature of your home can transform into a virtual construction site before you eyes, the moment a young child enters through the door. It's objects like the Tension Desk that are the ideal sorts of furnishings to have when curious and uncoordinated kids come over to play.

This brightly-colored creation is easily assembled from soft-coated components and a tightened fabric top. It's lightweight, flexible and is one less item to pose as a risk for potential injury.

Despite the flimsy impression given off by the cloth crafting and eating surface, the Tension Desk by Carlos Pendas is actually quite stiff. The material is hooked to pegs around the perimeter of the tabletop, and a simple rotation of each pole into place makes the fabric effectively taut.