Archie McPhee's Tattoupées are a Product for Adventurous Bald M

 - Mar 2, 2013
References: mcphee & laughingsquid
Those who are going bald and have a sense of humor about it have to check out these temporary tattoo toupées.

Created by Archie McPhee, Tattoupées are a goofy little product that would make a great gift for the baldy in your life. Each pack of Tattoupées comes with 35 temporary tattoos on 4 sheets. The tats include humorous images like a thought bubble, electrical outlets, bullseyes and 'certified bald' stamps. Of course, no package of temporary tattoo toupées would be complete without one that looked like hair in a terrible comb over.

So if you decide to pick these up for a bald friend as a birthday gag gift, make sure they have a sense of humor about it. No one wants to get chewed out or beat up by a bald guy with temporary tattoos on his head.