The Tele Scouter Translates Speech in No Time at All

 - Oct 27, 2009
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I have this adorable image of my mom when she first moved to Canada, yet I don’t think this story would exist if she had had a Tele Scouter. She held a part-time gig at McDonald’s, and because she didn’t understand the language very well (or the currency, for that matter), my Korean mother would literally take all the change from the till into her hands and brokenly ask the customer to fish out his change!

With the Tele Scouter, my mom would surely have avoided all these translation headaches. A wearable optical device, the Tele Scouter converts speech to text in real-time. Aiming to be released in 2010, may the Tele Scouter will offer a mathematical function as well!