The Pearly Wipes are Designed for on-the-Go Cleaning Without a Toothbrush

 - Feb 12, 2016
References: winewipes & trndmonitor
Having a fresh breath and a clean smile is a priority to many consumers, but having access to a sink and a toothbrush isn't always convenient making the Pearly teeth wipes an ideal travel item. The wipes are designed for maintaining oral health while out of the house. The wipes contain active ingredients to quickly freshen up and leave the mouth and teeth feeling as clean as they would if they were just brushed.

The Pearly Wipes are a set of oral cloths designed to be used to clean teeth, the tongue and the inside of the mouth when having a toothbrush is not convenient. The wipes feature ingredients such as sodium, calcium and hydrogen peroxide to remove stains and germs while leaving a peppermint scent behind.

The wipes are also discrete in size and packaging making them ideal to fit into small bags or keep on-hand inside a pocket for after eating or drinking.