The Cocofloss Teeth Products Sub Synthetic Ingredients for Coconut Oil

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: cocofloss & shop.goop
Cocofloss is an all-natural teeth product designed to provide a cleaner solution to conventional products that tend to be filled with synthetic ingredients. The floss is made using non-toxic products such as coconut oil with packaging that has a bioactive packaging design. The floss provides the same functionality as standard synthetic versions, except that it opts for healthier ingredients that benefit both the environment and the body.

The Cocofloss teeth floss is made using a thick gliding string that is coated in a natural blend of ingredients to promote fresh breath, overall mouth health and fight plaque build up. The string is infused with spearmint and coconut oil that covers a microcrystalline wax string that holds its shape. The natural oils cleanse teeth while leaving behind a long-lasting fresh scent and taste.