This Fondant Cake Celebrates the Teen Wolf Season Three Premiere

In celebration of the season three premiere of the hit teenybopper show Teen Wolf, baker and cake decorator extraordinaire Ant created this edible character cake that features ten chocolate fondant figurines from the hit show.

The Teen Wolf series is loosely based off a film from 1985 with the same name. In the series, the main character Scott McCall is bitten by a werewolf while looking for a body in a nearby forest. The show centers around McCall's struggles to live a seemingly normal life while moonlighting as a werewolf. Ant's cake features McCall and several of his friends crammed into an edible blue Jeep. Each of the characters are made form colorful sheets of fondant sculpted to replicate the look of the actors from the show. The cake is also made from a new flavor fittingly titled as Wolfsbane.