TEDxToronto Programmer Darius Bashar Co-Founded Daily Challenge

 - Sep 24, 2011
References: youtube & dailychallenge.org
Toronto, Canada, is the current host of TED talks today on September 23rd, 2011, and TEDxToronto programmer Darius Bashar is one of the great minds behind the event.

Bashar is a digital strategist, programming lead at TEDxToronto, and co-founder of one of my new favorite websites, DailyChallenge.org. Daily Challenge is a self-described "social network for do gooders." It's modeled around the same idea as Facebook, but boasts that their "mission is to effectively utilize the tremendous power of social media to connect, inspire and mobilize people to create profound change through small and simple daily acts of kindness."

Upon signing up and logging in, users (that means you!) can post daily challenges for others to complete, browse through challenges that others have posted, and set goals for the day by performing good deeds.

Some of the challenges include "[m]ake someone laugh today," "[p]ick up at least one piece of garbage/litter from the ground and put it in the trash/recycling," and "[r]emind your parents you love them."

It's websites like Daily Challenge and people like TEDxToronto programmer Darius Bashar that make a huge difference in the world and especially in restoring our faith in the goodness of people.