Canadian Teams Go Green

 - May 4, 2008
True to the country's green nature, Canada's official Olympic 2008 clothing line will be an environmentally-friendly one. In addition to having Canada's patriotic red and white colours, the fashion line is laced with hints of forest green.

The fashion line, which was unveiled at a Toronto fashion show on April 30, will be worn by Canadians in Beijing's athlete village this August. The line uses eco-friendly materials like bamboo, organic cotton and cacona.

The fashions combine Canada's national symbol, the maple leaf, with graphic design patterns which integrate Chinese symbolism, like the lucky number 8.

"This time around, the piece that could be the must-have item is the B-Tube, touted as multi-functional head gear that could be used as a bandanna, hairband, ponytail holder, beanie or a mask to filter out pollutants," the CanadianPress says.

"HBC fashion director Suzanne Timmins said she feels the B-Tube might be strong 'because it's an easy trader and also you can be really creative and have fun with it.'"

It's not exactly a pretty line, but it captures the country's general commitment to the environment and celebrates the nature Canada is so well known for.