Gongdreen's Tea Bags Have Lovely Animal Tags to Add Whimsy to Tea Time

 - May 31, 2017
References: gongdreen
In our busy daily lives, it’s not easy to share a cup of tea with friends, so Gongdreen, a design studio located in Seoul Korea, made playful tea bags. These special tea bags have animal-shaped tea tags on them; it’s like having tea with an animal friend.

In each box you can meet six different animal friends that have been hand-painted by watercolors and scanned. There are two types of teabags for now, rooibos and hibiscus (rabbits and cats), with upcoming lineups planed to be launched with in the year.

There are memo spaces on the backside, making it useful to leave messages and share with friends. Also, there are other ways to reuse the tea tags so they won't be wasted. Gongdreen also made the tea tags so that they can be used as a bookmark, and you can keep your animal friends with you even after tea time.