The Tea-Time Brewer Marks its Progress Transparently

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: core77designawards & dexigner
"A watched pot never boils" is a popular expression often applied to experiences in life outside of the kitchen, but when using the Tea-Time Tea Maker, one can be sure that he'll know exactly how long the beverage will take before it's ready.

This elegant apparatus is modeled on the sand-filled hourglass which some still use today as a mode of keeping time. The teapot incorporates two clear globes and a central joint that actually functions as a dial to set the steeping time for the loose leaf infusion. Loaded and adjusted from the bottom, the countertop contraption begins working once the user has tipped it upside down. This invention by Pengtao Yu gradually drips flavored hot water through the Tea-Time Tea Maker, establishing a new form of consumer interaction that cannot be achieved with a conventional kettle.