The Tea + Cookies Set Has Been Designed as a Playful Fusion of Pieces

 - Apr 12, 2013
Neither of the items that make up the Tea + Cookies Set can be strictly defined as a 'plate' or a 'mug,' for both of them seem to consist of elements of other pieces of crockery as well. The comical combinations of related forms have been made to bring aesthetic character to the objects, but also to contribute to their practicality.

Gonçalo Campos took the basic form of a coffee cup and replaced its handle with what appears to be half of a saucer. This semicircular shape protrudes from one side of the teacup, complete with the molded groves that you would expect to see in an ordinary dish. The quirky Tea + Cookies Set also includes a platter with part of another small plate sticking out of it in the center. This could assist in separating different types of edible items.