Free Flip Flops in England

 - Dec 1, 2008
References: torontosun
A Devon seaside resort in England will have policemen handing out free flip-flops to drunken revelers who have either lost their shoes, or are having balancing issues so they can "make it home safely," according to the Toronto Sun.

What a nice gesture, and one which normally wouldn’t cause one to bat an eyelash, but that isn’t the case. At issue is that funding for the free flip-flops for inebriated carousers are at the taxpayers' expense. 

A British Police Inspector, Adrian Leisk said, "Our aim is to reduce admissions into the accident-and-emergency room."

The report then states statistics regarding alcohol-related deaths in the UK being 12.9 per 100,000 persons. 

While deaths caused by alcohol-related incidents is disheartening, I’m curious as to how handing out free flip-flops to intoxicated individuals who are walking will somehow have a positive impact. 

Will wearing flip-flops while drunk help them not to fall into a moving vehicle more so than if they stumbled around barefoot or in heels? 

What a waste of hard-earned tax dollars. I’d be outraged if I were a British taxpayer.

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