Tavo Montanez Depicts Horrific Creatures with Seductive Lower Torsos

 - May 23, 2012
References: tavomontanez & urhajos.tumblr
If you browse the personal artwork of Tavo Montanez on his website, you will find a series of bizarre monster illustrations evocative of the strange creatures found in H.P. Lovecraft lore. The nightmarish mutant beings are all seemingly random in anatomy except for the fact that Montanez incorporates very shapely and feminine legs into each composition. The resulting images are thus quite unnerving while still maintaining a sexual element, making viewers not too sure how to react to these visuals.

Tavo Montanez illustrates each of his monsters in black inks and with intense detailing. To contrast this, the human legs in each drawing are often only a silhouette. The smooth curves of the legs also play well off of the surrounding chaos to stimulate people’s ocular senses.