Reddit User 'clevknife' Captured Photos of Tattooed Seniors

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: imgur & designtaxi
Tattoo culture has grown increasingly over the past few decades, but many hold back joining in because they wonder what they would look like as a tattooed senior. Reddit User 'clevknife' will get rid of any thoughts you have about those future "saggy-looking" tattoos with this photography series.

Badass-looking seniors let their personalities and tattoos shine through in these captures. Many of them have full-arm sleeves and full-body tattoos. Some are featured shirtless and the tattoos still look great; however, some have no-doubt had their tattoos touched up. But even those without the touch ups still rock what they got and you can distinctly see what their tattoos are of.

The most shocking image in the series is a side-by-side one that displays an older gentleman fully-clothed on one side and then displays him donning only his underwear in the other. You would never have expected him to have a body full of tattoos underneath his clothing!