Director Tatia Pilieva Captures People's First Kiss on Camera

 - Nov 5, 2014
References: youtube & sploid.gizmodo
Tatia Pilieva is a director that captured a stunning short film centering around strangers kissing. Aptly titled 'First Kiss,' it is a stunning work of art that not only focuses on the kiss itself, but the lead up to the kiss. Viewers are treated to the nervousness of each person involved and how they each deal with their jitters.

A beautiful compilations of the 20 strangers in total, Tatia Pilieva manages to convey an authentic electricity between all of the partners. Cute and utterly sexy, at least once they really get into it, Gizmodo puts it perfectly, "It's unexpectedly touching, like watching a documentary turn into a romantic comedy that doesn't suck." Tatia Pilieva is definitely one to watch.