The Tastall Spoon is Indented for a Mouthful of a Cooking Meal

 - Oct 8, 2011
References: amordemadre
Food preparation is a messy enough activity that reducing the need for more crockery and cutlery is in the best interest of the dish washer -- perhaps the same person who put supper together. The Tastall Spoon is ideal for those sneaky nibbles of the cooking meal so that the chef need not pull out another eating utensil.

Designed as a recognizable wooden mixing spoon, this implement differs in the way it has been cut and carved. Its form is asymmetrical, neither oval nor ellipse, shaped with a smoothed corner so that someone can sip from the side. Within that corner of the Tastall Spoon there is a bite-sized indentation acting as a spoon within a spoon. Ernest Perera's design was executed by Ferran Fontas who even gave it the ability to act as a dull-edged knife as well.