Broadcast Your Political Beliefs With the Tar-and-Feather Gun

 - Aug 21, 2011
References: dvice & gizmodo
You may want some political payback considering the increasingly turgid situation of the global financial system and the Tar-and-Feather Gun will ensure you get even with the representatives who have so excellently misrepresented your interests.

Forget sending an email, picketing the national parliament or signing a petition, the Tar-and-Feather Gun provides the most direct and entertaining method of political expression. Originally called the ‘Portable Pneumatic Variable Payload Delivery Device,’ this gun accepts tar, feather, flour and shaving cream cartridges to truly embarrass its target. Instructables, the website responsible for this ingenuous weapon, used household parts to construct the rapid reloading system, should you find the need to double-tap your victim with an extra round of junk to the face.

In all seriousness, using the Tar-and-Feather Gun on anyone besides a willing subject would be foolhardy at best and sadistically fun at the worst.