The 'Tap Now' Wearable Keyboard Can Turn Any Surface into a Keyboard

 - Feb 23, 2018
References: theverge & slashgear
Tapping finger on a table may soon become the norm as the 'Tap Now' wearable keyboard is set to launch and replace outdated keyboards. The amazing gadget appears as a series of connected rings, into which users slot their fingers, and then translates the movement of fingers into text or navigational commands. The wearable keyboard also functions as a mouse and promises a surreptitious way of typing on a phone or tablet.

The Tap Now wearable keyboard functions in a similar manner to chording keyboards, in that single keys can have multiple outputs as opposed to a single key for every character. The product differs however simply because it can turn any surface into a keyboard. So long as the the devices senses fingertips tapping on a surface it can chord out letters and symbols. The current model of the Tap Now has a battery life of eight hours and can be charged inside its own carrying case.

Image Credit: TAO