The Tandem Electric Wheelchair Challenges the Social Stigma

 - Jul 13, 2011
References: & yankodesign
It may surprise some people to learn what conclusions the inventor of the Tandem Electric Wheelchair came to when he spent a short time walking a mile in the shoes an a paraplegic -- or so to speak. It wasn't so much in inaccessibility of certain buildings and pathways that bothered him, but rather the way that members of the public seemed to see him that really hit home.

To combat this issue, Alexandre Pain came up with a new electric scooter concept designed to give wheelchairs a fun and sporty quality. However, where his creation truly deviates from its contemporary counterparts, is in its seating arrangement. The Tandem Electric Wheelchair accommodates its primary driver, someone with a physical disability, quite comfortably. In addition, a friend, family member or caregiver can be easily hitch a ride on the back.