The Talky is a Cutting-Edge Redesign of the Old Walkie-Talkie

 - Oct 29, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Only people who require walkie talkies at work really know what has happened with those devices in recent years; everybody else seems to have forgotten them -- including industrial designers. The Talky is a rare contemporary redesign of the handy handset that brings it up to date as an alternative to a mobile phone in many situations, for workers and families alike.

Designer Pengfei Li began by integrating the iconic antenna into the gizmo and giving the main body of it a sleek and glossy appearance. One primary button activates the Talky and illuminates the touchscreen feature. With this element, user interaction is improved and the display off function prevents channels from being changed while the Talky is in one's pocket. This device makes even modern models look retro.