From Crowdsourced Tracking Tags to Lost Object Locators

 - Dec 22, 2013
It’s a terrible feeling to know you’ve misplaced an important object like your keys or phone and have no idea where they might be. But if you’ve always been forgetful, or find that your memory is not what it used to be, thankfully there are a ton of devices that can help to locate lost items and prevent you from losing your mind.

These apps and tech gadgets work by tacking a GPS-like tracker to objects like keys, luggage or bikes, which makes it easy to find them if you ever lose track of where they are.

Some apps are even connected to larger lost and found networks, which notify other local users of missing items. A lot of these gadgets are reliant on a smartphone, so hopefully it’s not the lost item you’re looking for. In that case, if you’re not using something like Apple’s ‘Find My Phone’ app, you could always resort to the fail-proof method of calling your own phone to see if it’s nearby.