The Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos Will Make Your Stomach into a Face

 - Mar 29, 2013
References: fredflare & incrediblethings
These 'Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos' could make your wildest dreams come true -- that is, if those dreams involve sticking a temporary mustached man on your midriff and pretending your belly button is talking. I'm not sure in what situations it would be considered proper etiquette to whip out your animated stomach, but I'm sure you can find somewhere to show off this humorous tattoo design.

These hilarious temporary tattoos come from Hector Serrano and are available in a number of mix-and-match packages. Choose from a variety of mustaches, eyebrows and eyes to bring your talking stomach creation to life.

The beauty of these tattoos is that once you get sick of them, you can wash them right off with some warm water and soap. If you want to surprise your friends with a wild party trick, then these Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos will certainly make them laugh.