Air Poo

 - Feb 15, 2008
References: airpoo & crunchgear
The Air Poo is a huge Poonovation when it comes to comfort style and functionality of a toilet. It sports a Macbook Air docking station that allows to comfortably get work done while taking care of other business, and allows you to store the Macbook in the toilet tank to recharge. As well a built in 802.11n wireless router so you'll never go without full strength when using all your strength up.

The Air Poo has more to offer with its heated seats that Air Poo will customize to your backside. A Multi-Touch Flush pad, which will allow you to flush with a simple tap of a finger or bring in reinforcements with the tap of two, for those exceptionally large dumps, they have even put on a iPod Dock with Integrated Surround Sound. The only thing it could use that it doesn't already feature is a suction fan that gets rid of the stink before you notice what your actually doing.

Many of you may think this is merely a concept design/joke, because I know I did, however you couldn't be more wrong. The Air Poo is set to be released in the summer of 2008, and will surley take your Pooing experience to a whole other level.