The Takeshi Sawada Deer Chair is Expertly Crafted

 - Mar 2, 2014
References: kamina-c & spoon-tamago
Art director Takeshi Sawada has created this expertly crafted deer chair to further add to his collection of animal-inspired children's furniture.

Made of oak, walnut and deerskin, Takeshi Sawada's chair is meant to celebrate the woodland creature, however due to the prominently displayed visage and antlers, the chair looks as if it was carved from actual deer, making it seem almost ghoulish; the fact that the chair is meant for children only enhances the creepy vibe that it gives off.

While Sawada does not specify what kind of deerskin was used in the creation of the chair, I'd like to imagine it was reindeer, if only because it does sort of look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.