This Taco Wallet Will Instantly Make You Drool

 - Jul 20, 2013
References: gluttoner
What may look like a mouth-watering treat at first is actually an inedible taco wallet.

Now as you’re sitting and dreaming about Taco Bell now, you’ll continue to realize how amazing it would be to have this wallet, as it gives you the opportunity to have your favourite snack with you at all times, even if it’s just for show. You’ll definitely get curious glances from strangers, either because you’re pulling an unwrapped taco out of your purse or pocket or because they can’t figure out how this taco is still in tact, but that’s jut part of the fun of having a food-inspired wallet! Chances are, you’ll probably get the weirdest glances if you pull this wallet out when you’re buying food. This wallet is just like any other wallet in terms of functionality, as it holds money and phones, but your kids can also use it as a pencil case for school.

So for all the foodies out there, this taco wallet is your perfect match.