Microsoft Research's Ken Hinckley Designed a Mind-Reading Tablet Stylus

 - Oct 15, 2014
References: & fastcodesign
Despite what Steve Jobs said about styli, Microsoft Research Labs is trying to reinvent the tablet stylus so that pen computing might become as ubiquitous as the touch screen. Instead of "dumb sticks with capacitive foam glued to the tip," the styli of the future will be able to read your grip and anticipate your movements.

Created by Ken Hinckley of Microsoft Research Labs, this concept stylus has a multi-touch grip sensor and is paired with a tablet with similar grip-sensing capabilities. By being able to read the way your hands grip them, these products will be able to tell how you're holding them and how far the tablet stylus is in relation to the screen. Hinckley believes the correlation between human grip and their mind is very important.