Sylvie Godel Gathers Discarded Bowls and Plates To Create Plaster Molds

 - Jul 13, 2018
References: & design-milk
Sylvie Godel is a Swiss porcelain artist who resided in Jingdezhen, China, for her artist residency. During her time there, she noticed the surplus of bowls and plates discarded all throughout the city. As a result, she began collecting the ones she found and purchased additional plates to a new function for it. Stacking her collectibles, she was able to create plaster molds for slipcases, resulting in a series of china vases entitled 'Piles.'

The Piles collection by Godel pays a homage to the Chinese city's long tradition of producing porcelain artwork. It also gives a nod to the bowl as an ancient object that goes back to the very beginning of civilization itself.

Image Credit: Christiane Nill