Sweet Freedine is a Natural Sugar Substitute

 - Sep 15, 2015
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Sweet Freedom is a sugar substitute that's derived entirely from fruit sugar, making it an alternative to agave and honey that's adored by vegans, especially for its consistency and likeness to these familiar sweet syrups.

The product assortment from Sweet Freedom includes original and dark sweeteners that are ideal for adding to oatmeal, tea and baked goods, as well as liquid chocolate sweeteners that are specifically geared towards naturally sweetening a cup of hot chocolate.

Now that many health-conscious consumers are looking for low-calorie food and drinks that are also low on the glycemic index, dozens of alternative all-natural sweeteners from stevia extract to coconut sugar crystals and exotic superfoods like palmyra jaggery are emerging to satisfy sweet tooths everywhere—without leaving them feeling guilty about consuming something that tastes indulgent.