The Swarovski Macbook Air 2011 is a Divine Luxury Laptop Design

When Michelangelo set out to paint the Sistine Chapel with his angelic depictions, he never imagined he'd see the Swarovski Macbook Air 2011 turning his work of art into cherubic computer bling.

The extravagant laptop was done up by the dynamic decorating company Crystallize-Your-Design and covered with 20,000 Swarovski sparklers. The top of the glamorous gadget is emblazoned with iconic ethereal illustrations to combine fine art and electronics in the most ultra-luxury way; even the Apple logo is similarly smothered with crystals, equipped to light up from within while floating in the middle of the shiny spread.

The value of the Crystallize-Your-Design Swarovski Macbook Air 2011 is still unknown, but you can bet this heaven-sent laptop demands one hell of an asking price.