The ‘Swamp' Series by Javier Carmona is Pale and Gloomy

 - Sep 30, 2011
References: photodonuts
Some photographs capture fashion and beauty in dark and gloomy atmospheres just like the ‘Swamp’ Series by Javier Carmona. Model Raquel Jiménez is portrayed in an intensely mysterious swamp, but she poses as seductively as possible.

The shots were captured near an unused river, making the shoot more gloomy and desolate. However, because of the unattractive scenery, Raquel Jiménez looks glamorous and yet, mystifying. She is seen in bathing suits, backless dresses and dark piercing makeup. Also, the entire shoot is captured in black and white as the photographer tries to add the deeply somber and lifeless theme to his photos. Many photographers are trying to use this style to create an alluring series and it really is working wonders.