Swamp Huts by Moskow Linn Leave Little Impact on the Landscape

 - Apr 29, 2011
References: moskowarchitects & dornob
A vast plot of land with limited construction potential meant that these Swamp Huts by Moskow Linn Architects were the ideal solution to low-impact living amidst a flood-prone terrain.

The tent-like structures sit up on stilts and form a rather nomadic style of shelter that meets basic needs by comfortable means. There are four enclosed spaces on site that have rectangular floor plans and triangular prism structures. Each volume houses a different room with a different function.

Recognizing that the built entities are in essence separate from the natural forested surroundings, the designers opted to trace the plan of the project in a way that expresses and enhances a strict rational regularity through meticulous geometric symmetry. Despite this decision, the Swamp Huts by Moskow Linn do embrace an arboreal aesthetic through the use of converging wooden beams.