The Survival Crutch Equips Climbers with Vitals for Health and Safety

 - Dec 20, 2013
You can take a backpack full of equipment on a mountaineering adventure, but the Survival Crutch suggests that certain essentials might be easily integrated into your supportive walking stick. Chen Qien and Wang Jue have dreamed up an innovative climbers' cane that assists you with general mobility, and comes in especially handy if you run into any trouble.

The Survival Crutch has a comfortable grip for holding, yet you'll notice that it's slightly bulkier than you might expect. This is because the casing holds GPS technology, a light and an SOS emergency transmitter. In addition, the device harnesses kinetic energy through its active use so that it can power itself. The icing on the cake is the concept's capacity to electrolyze snow, producing O2 that the explorer can access through a built-in oxygen mask.