Riccardo Guasco's Works are Both Surreal and Minimalist

 - Jun 17, 2013
References: nationaltraveller & designyoutrust
Illustrator Riccardo Guasco channels both surreal and minimalist qualities in his latest creations. Each of these incredibly creative drawings depicts ordinary people in fantastic situations.

Possibly the most memorable portrait in Guasco's series is that of a mysteriously masked man with some satanical qualities. Wearing an elegant tuxedo, this bald individual wears a bright red mask in the shape of a skull. A bird pecks at his head, while a tiny little Grim Reaper lounges on his shoulder. It's almost as if this man represents the result of rejecting the tiny little angel on your shoulder in favor of the devil.

Guasco's style is full of angular lines filled with vibrant reds, yellows and whites. This creates a sort of storybook quality, albeit a storybook for adults. With these captivating creations, Guasco has shown that he can create something eerie while maintaining a comical tongue-in-cheek quality that will make viewers wonder whether they should be scared or amused.