The Surprise! Chair by Gaspar Gonzalez is Traditionally Basic

 - Mar 22, 2011
References: & design-milk
You can't go wrong with simple designs, and the Surprise! Chair boasts just that. A basic piece of furniture, it is inspired by the cute schoolhouse seats back in elementary grade schools.

Designed by Gaspar González for Concepta, the Surprise! Chair is slightly different from these schoolhouse seats. First of all, they are made to accommodate grown ups rather than pint-sized children. Secondly, they feature plush cushions to rest your tush on--not only for added comfort, but for an interesting focal point. Available in vibrant colors, the Surprise! Chair spruces up the basic design neatly and nicely.

I think that the Surprise! Chair is especially perfect for kitchens, dens and children's play areas. I should make a special mention of the customized Surprise! Chair cushion by Vasava that features an arrow and bull's eye sheet.