The Wuhan Greenland Center EmbracesWater Conservation Measures

 - Apr 7, 2016
References: smithgill & gizmag
The Wuhan Greenland Center is an exceptional building, designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects, that is one of the few buildings in the world that can truly lay claim to the status of supertall skyscraper. Set for completion in the year 2017, this skyscraper will be the tallest building in China.

Located in the city of Wuhan, this supertall skyscraper is expected to attain a height of 636 meter and will consist of as many as 120 floors and 300,000 square meters of floorspace split between residential and commercial space. The building will make use of an array of sustainable technology modules, many of which will focus on water conservation measures.

Ultimately, this supertall skyscraper proves that modern architecture can certainly embrace eco-friendly virtues, something which is very important considering the growth of skyscraper-style architecture around the world.