The Covini Goes Into Production (UPDATE)

 - Dec 11, 2008   Updated: Jul 26 2011
References: jalopnik
Cross a Corvette and wienie and what do you get? A Covini! To Corvette lovers, this is a blasphemous car design, but alas, it is not a Photoshop creation: it's real.

Trend Hunter first reported the concept for this six-wheel supercar back in 2006, but it's now officially being built. The first 433 horsepower C6W will roll out in late 2009 and get up to its 185 mph top speed quickly.

Implications - Consider me impressed. THe C6W has made it cool to ride around on six wheels. Not only does a concept like this buck tradition and convention, it gives true gear heads the kind of innovation that is sorely lacking in the automobile industry. Now, excuse me while I figure out a way to test drive one of these...