The Super-Penetration Shovel Lets Users Easily Plow Through Dirt

 - May 20, 2011
References: garrettwade & uncrate
If I had this Super-Penetration Shovel back when I planted a tree for Earth Day, I probably would have planted about 17 trees since it would make digging holes a breeze.

The Super-Penetration Shovel is manufactured by Garrett Wade and features sharp edges that allow users to easily cut through hard, compacted and heavy clay-like soils. This fine creation is crafted entirely of steel and it comes with an accessory foot pad that allows users to step into the shovel without it damaging your shoes or hurting your feet.

It’s actually a wonder why this concept wasn’t employed sooner. After all, people who do a lot of digging have always complained about how their blades become dull after continuous use.

You can pick up your very own Super-Penetration Shovel over on the Garrett Wade website for $120. And with the slogan, "for a lifetime of real use," why wouldn’t you?

Photo Credits: Incredible Things