'Super Mega Cavity' by Jared K Nickerson is Wry and Funny

Jared K Nickerson, founder of the Seatle-based design studio Jthree Concepts, recently came up with a few illustrations of tooth-rotting sweets titled, 'Super Mega Cavity.'

From knife-wielding frozen treats uttering threats like, "Buy lime or I'll cut you," to the inappropriate double entendres of raunchy wieners, Nickerson doesn't hold back. Through a cute and punchy illustrative style, he manages to pull off this sort of humor without coming off as crass or creepy.

The primary focus of Jthree Concepts centers around character, logo, editorial, textile and videogame design; the studio also specializes in branding and art direction. It has done work in these various fields for prominent, industry-leading clients such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Adidas, K2 Snowboards, Activision and CultureClub.