Ap Verheggen's SunGlacier Uses Solar Power to Form Ice in Hot Climates

 - Nov 17, 2011
References: sunglacier & designbuzz
Technology is constantly making what used to appear impossible possible, just as the SunGlacier demonstrates. Of course, the SunGlacier is just a concept at the moment, but the fact that it even proposes introducing icy oases into deserts around the world is pretty extraordinary.

Conceived by artist Ap Verheggen in collaboration with Cofely Refrigeration, the SunGlacier is essentially a giant solar-powered, leaf-shaped structure that relies on condensation principles to create ice in the Sahara desert. Although the SunGlacier seems too good to be true, Verheggen and Cofely have actually been able to simulate desert conditions in a shipping container to test the product's theory, producing an impressive 10 centimeters of ice.

A highly inspired project, the SunGlacier, according to the makers, "hopes to stimulate people to think creatively about solutions to the challenges of climate change."