ZEP's Sun Roof Tiles are Appropriate for Historical Buildings

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: zepsolar & prnewswire
Last fall, the Dutch company ZEP announced the debut of solar roof tiles that would allow for historical buildings to be used to harness solar energy without compromising the architectural integrity of the structure. With a growing number of cities in Europe looking for ways to go green, these new roof tiles present an innovative eco energy solution.

The ZEP sun roof tiles are virtually invisible solar panels that leave the aesthetic character of a building intact. The unique design is a breakthrough when it comes to solar technology, as many owners of iconic buildings have refused to install solar panels simply because of the way it changes the look of the structure. Now, the ZEP tiles solve this problem by simply blending into the existing roofing.

Already in use in the UK, Germany and throughout Scandinavia, the ZEP solar tiles help to expand the amount of buildings that can be used for harvesting solar power.