Sun Country Organics' Biochar Solution Increases Water Retention

 - Apr 10, 2019
References: suncountryorganics
Sun Country Organics' Biochar Solution increases water retention and improves plant health without relying on harmful, artificial additives. The product is ideal for those looking to grow herbs, vegetables, fruit, flowers and more and is carbon-negative making it an eco-friendly solution for gardeners.

When it comes to application, Sun Country Organics's step-by-step method "involves blending biochar with organic fertilizer. This blended application will significantly increase the soil productivity and enhance the value of biochar amendments."

Those looking for an organic fertilizer solution can also purchase one from the brand which specializes in non-toxic plant growth aids that feed the planet. In addition to its Biochar Solution and organic fertilizer products, Sun Country Organics also carries low maintenance grass seed products that provide nutrients and convenience to those seeking minimal lawn care.