Ebco Cloak's Suitcase Storage Lets Travelers Drop Bags at Shops & Cafes

 - Jun 5, 2017
References: cloak.ecbo.io & en.rocketnews24
Although most modern hotels are fairly accommodating, it can be troublesome to arrive in a new city too early to check into a room with no option for short-term suitcase storage. As a result, one is forced to cart around their bags until they can be safely dropped off at a secure destination.

Japan's Ebco Cloak is a service that aims to remedy this issue by offering space where travelers may drop off their luggage for a short period of time. Ebco Cloak works with a variety of retail shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, which promise to securely store one's luggage for a fraction of the price it would take to rent a storage locker.

As well as being of use to travelers who want to free themselves of excess luggage while they kill time, the service is also of benefit to businesses that have surplus suitcase storage space to rent out as a means of extra income.