Sushi Gets a Sweet Aesthetic Makeover With Cookie Dough and Ice Cream

Fans of sushi can try this Japanese delicacy in a sweet form with this sugary dessert recipe that cleverly substitutes rice rolls with cookie dough and ice cream. Food blogger The House That Lars Built teaches you how to make this dessert sushi at home.

To make this unconventionally sweet dessert sushi, begin by picking up some chocolate chip cookie dough, several ice cream flavors and sprinkle toppings. Flatten the cookie dough out into a rectangle and scoop a thin layer of ice cream overtop. Roll the dough like a roll of sushi into a cylinder and cover it with sprinkles. Then refreeze the cookie dough so that the ice cream doesn't met. When you're ready to eat, pull the cookie dough cylinder from the fridge, slice it into thin rings and serve with chopsticks.