These Subway Grates are Made to Accomadate High Heel Shoes

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: gothamist & mashable
The City of New York's Mass Transit System is looking to make broken shoes a thing of the past by installing these new subway grates around the city specifically designed to accommodate women who wear high heels.

Normally, subway grates are made with wide slots for ventilation that can potentially catch and damage the heels of those unfortunate enough to forget to watch where they're going. These brand new grates however are redesigned with openings only half an inch wide, and also feature a slip-resistant coating to improve traction as well.

These new grates mean that women who wear thin heels can rest a little easier as they go about their day. The grates will still allow for proper air ventilation, but will also hopefully help prevent broken heels and twisted ankles.