Submerged Motherlands by Swoon is Put on at the Brooklyn Museum

In his latest installation 'Submerged Motherlands' for the Brooklyn Museum, Swoon goes with an eclectic structure filled with seemingly random objects.

At the center of the design is a 70-foot-tall tree sculpture, drawing in people's attention to this focal point. Other objects in the installation include a cut-out drawing of a woman, tires and bits of old wood. The entire structure is reminiscent of stumbling across a grandmother's old chest in the attic, opening it up and finding a range of treasures inside. While they may not always make sense, it's still interesting diving into objects from the past, and trying to understand the story behind each item.

One word of warning to visitors to the Brooklyn museum for Submerged Motherlands: your neck may become strained from looking up and around all the time.