This Grunge Style Series Features Lots of Layered Outfits

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: scandinaviassaw & fashioncow
This grunge style series by Andreas Öhlund features a lot of layered styles and incorporates flowers throughout. These looks maintain a surprisingly feminine feel despite being filled with bulky and woolly apparel.

Red headed model Codie Young is seen in many of these grunge style shots sporting fingerless gloves. In a few shots she's seen wearing a cozy cap, but mostly she's rocking a messy hairstyle, which seems only fitting for a grunge-inspired editorial series. In each shot Young is holding one or more flowers, which helps contribute to the editorial's overall feminine nature. One of these lovely layered apparel shots features Young holding a tiny orange flower in front of her face. This is definitely a flirty pose.

This interesting grunge editorial lets women know that it's okay to bundle up. You can still be stylish buried in a few layers of wool.