The 'IM Blanky' is One Smart Sheet

 - May 4, 2012
References: fastcodesign & gajitz
Appliances are becoming more self-sufficient, opinionated and brainy, and the Studio NMinusOne's 'IM Blanky' is no exception. This intelligent blanket may one day be able to communicate with its users, divulge important data and explain medical phenomenons. Also, it may have a place in hospitals to monitor patients and individuals with sleep disorders. The blanket is designed to collect scientific data that could provide insight into those lost and undocumented hours in dream land.

According to recent surveys, on average individuals spend a third of their lives in sleep-mode usually under blankets. Just think of all the data and knowledge that could be collected and gained through this hi-tech blanket brain. The IM Blanky resembles an enlarged circuit board, but is still big, soft and malleable. It is fully equipped with 104 tilt sensors, which are strategically placed to look like a floral pattern. Each sensor collects bits of data, which are processed and compiled into maps then sent to an assigned IP address for analysis.