Streetcraft LA Helps Young People Turn a Profit On Their Art

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: streetcraftla & springwise
Instead of vandalizing public property in return for jail time, youths of LA are learning to use their creativity and artistic infinity toward making money with the Streetcraft LA program.

Streetcraft LA, a social outreach organization based in the Wilmington neighborhood of Los Angeles, aims to help young people earn profits for their artwork and graffiti. In Wilmington, graffiti tagging has become a problem, and Streetcraft LA plans to divert youth away from this activity, which could land them in jail, and help them use their artistic talent toward making money.

The program encourages youth to put their artwork on things like skateboards and furniture; these decorated items are then sold through the Streetcraft LA store, and profits from the items are split between the artists and Streetcraft. The program also teaches the youth valuable business skills, such as how to market their own artwork so that they can continue to profit off of their work after they've left the program.