Dumpsty is a Steel Dumpster for Street Artists and Fans of Street Art

 - Oct 10, 2013
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Dumpsty is a miniature steel dumpster made for street artists and anyone who appreciates street art.

Artists can purchase blank Dumpsty dumpsters in a raw steel finish or powder coated in blue, green, or gray paint. The large paintable surfaces make it the perfect medium for creative expression and experimentation. They can then sell their creations through the Dumpsty Artist Co-op and receive 90% of the proceeds.

Fans and collectors of graffiti and street art can purchase painted Dumpsty dumpsters as fully finished, original works of art. Each one is designed and hand painted by the original artist. Unlike canvas paintings, Dumpsty maintains the gritty, provocative nature of street art and is functional as well. Measuring 11"x8"x10" and weighing a rugged seven pounds, Dumpsty if the perfect size for magazines and assorted personal treasures.

Dumpsty is street art that isn’t confined to the street.