Stratus by Valentina Carretta is Inspired by Stratification of Soil

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: & trendland
Stratus by Valentina Carretta, an industrial designer hailing from Treviso, Italy, is a vase-like object that boasts removable layers. By taking it apart, people are able to create new functions for the design, all of which revolve around holding something, of course. Whether that involves flowers or fruits is up to the owner. Its design was inspired by the stratification of soil, which informed its materials

Sporting pale pastel colors and a sleek shape, Stratus by Valentina Carretta is something that could fit into just about any existing decor. Commissioned by the Granville Gallery in Paris, France, for the "L'Amphore" exhibition, Stratus by Valentina Carretta is made out of bardiglio marble, white ceramic and terracotta. It reinterprets the structural and functional evolution of the ancestral amphora shape.